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The End

Hello All, Due to health issues, we have dismantled our aquaponic system and will no longer be able to update our blog.  We’ll leave it here for a while, just in case someone may be interested in this topic.  Thank … Continue reading

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More Chicks!

After our experience with “straight run” chicks, we decided to buy some replacements from a local farm that raises chickens.  The lady at Circle B Farm in Buchanan, Georgia, said she has a 90% success rate when she sexes chicks. … Continue reading

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Uninvited Guest

While I was watching the chickens last week, an uninvited guest arrived to see what was going on.  At first, I saw it out of the corner of my eye, but when it saw me it quickly went under the … Continue reading

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Our Very First Egg!

We placed an ad on Craigslist and sold two of our white Silkie cockerels for $10 each, and then we traded one white Silkie cockerel for two 3-month-old, black Silkie-Cochin pullets.  The nice lady who traded with us also gave … Continue reading

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Veggie Update

It’s been HOT around here…up to 109º F one day…and above 100º many days.  Many of our aquaponic plants have taken a beating, so we’ll need to focus on replacing them with heat-tolerant plants for a while. On the brighter … Continue reading

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Don’t Eat Fresh Chicken!

***Warning!  This post contains some graphic language…not vulgarity…just some detailed information about preparing a rooster (actually, a cockerel) for dinner.  As requested by one of our wonderful readers, there are no photos in this post. We have some sad, yet tasty … Continue reading

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Roosters or Hens?

A week or so ago our stone sidewalk was messed up when the stump removal company returned to finish grinding up the crape myrtle roots by our house, so I haven’t been able to get down to the chickens since … Continue reading

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