Veggie Update

It’s been HOT around here…up to 109º F one day…and above 100º many days.  Many of our aquaponic plants have taken a beating, so we’ll need to focus on replacing them with heat-tolerant plants for a while.

On the brighter side, we have had a wonderful harvest of delicious veggies so far this year. Here are a few photos of some of my favorites.

We planted some cute Jack Be Little Pumpkins for our children.
These miniature pumpkins are small enough to fit in the palms of their hands.


And we’ve had cucumbers growing out of ears.  So many, in fact, that we can’t eat them all.  This has been a great opportunity to teach our son the joy of giving to our neighbors and family.


The beans were doing great, until the heat wave scorched them.

The Poona Kheera Cucumbers have been growing well.


These Royal Burgundy Bush Beans are purple on the vine and then turn green when cooked.

Another Poona Kheera Cucumber

Here’s a Red Burgundy Okra that’s surrounded by Marigolds

Whew, it’s in the upper 90’s today.  A cold front must have come through.

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13 Responses to Veggie Update

  1. Did you have to thin out your plants or did they all survive even planted so closely? This is a great advertisement for aquaponics!

  2. Fay Moore says:

    Just curious about your production. Here in western Maryland we’ve had excessive heat, but adequate rain. Nevertheless, for the first time since I started gardening several years ago, I’ve experienced significant crop failures. Either the crop is small or the seeds never sprout or the plants are very slow to set fruit — which in turn seems to mature slowly and be smaller in size than in the past. It isn’t soil quality. My soil is amended each year with compost. It seems to be strange growing year. My neighbors have prize blueberries, which are always abundant. This year the berries are nearly non-existent.

  3. those are beautiful! good job! can’t wait until ours gets to that point. It may take awhile as our growing medium (3/4 inch gravel) is limestone based (we didn’t know that) and so it is keeping the water at a crazy high pH of 8.4…yikes! our stuff is surviving but we are trying to work out a plan b. Anyways thanks for keeping me inspired =)

  4. Dennis G@Matthew-Otis Farms says:

    Have you looked into using various grades of shade cloth? That may aid in giving your plants some relief. Of course this is an untested opinion, but what I have seen and read others using. Check out the “Cooling Systems” discussion for the “Raft/Deep Water Culture Growers” group on ” the Aquaponic Gardening Community” website,


  5. df says:

    Wonderful photos and I particularly love the wee little pumpkins. I would love to have a surfeit of cucumbers, but haven’t cracked growing them yet. All in good time!

  6. melissakoski says:

    Everything looks beautiful. My peas were doing great until the heat…. and we haven’t had any rain at all. Luckily my kids and I ate the any peas that were ready every time we walked by them so we enjoyed them thoroughly while they lasted!

  7. pbmgarden says:

    Love that picture of Red Burgundy Okra. I’m a big fan of regular green okra but have never heard of this.

  8. Great photos, great veggies. I wish we had some heat over here in the UK. We have had so much rain and it is cold still that veggies just aren’t growing

  9. narf77 says:

    Lovely photos…I wish we had rain over here! Its the middle of winter and very cold but very little rain this year (Tasmania Australia). Couldn’t you put poles or something on the sides of your growbeds and then throw some shadecloth over if it was going to be a scorcher? I doubt that we are going to have to contend with those sorts of temperatures here as our growing season is pretty short but in Western Australia where we come from it gets easily that hot and we used to just put shade cloth over on hot days.

  10. Russ Grant says:

    beautiful veggies – I particularly like the red burgundy okra.

  11. The heat has been pretty brutal, I hope it doesn’t effect things too badly

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