9-Day-Old Seedlings

After nine days of drinking fish water and sitting under a 5000K grow light, most of the seeds have  begun to grow…some better than others.

Here are the tallest plants…

The Rattlesnake Pole Bean has had unbelievable growth!  It’s over 9 inches tall, when measured from the top of the net pot.  If we include the roots, it has grown to about a foot tall in just nine days.

The weather service is predicting temperatures of between 70° and 79° F for the next ten days, so we will move the seedlings outside during the day (for an hour or two on day one and then the entire day by day ten) and move them back inside at night.  This will gradually acclimate them to direct sunlight without burning them.

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11 Responses to 9-Day-Old Seedlings

  1. eof737 says:

    That rattlesnake one is living up to its name. 😆

  2. babso2you says:

    I see you are using the seeds that come in those balls of peat moss! I threw some of those in the garden that had forget-me-nots. They work really well!

    • Sorry for the delayed response, but I wasn’t sure what you meant by “balls of peat moss”. I did some research on the seeds we bought, but couldn’t find anything about them having peat moss on them. Some of them do have a light clay coating though. Which ones were you referring to? I’d love to learn more about our seeds.

  3. What you are doing is really neat. I am going to read so of you other posts so I can learn more about it. This might be something I would like to try in a few years.

    Rattlesnake beans are my favorite! We grow them every year.

  4. Tam Linsey says:

    What a fascinating site! I look forward to watching your growing season. Is there a way to follow your blog via email? I looked, but can’t seem to find a “follow” button.

    • Hi Tam…if you are logged into WordPress, the “follow” button should be in the admin bar at the top left of your screen. If you’re not logged in, it should now be available near the bottom right corner. If not, please let me know. Hope this helps.

  5. Eggkins says:

    I’m guessing that fish water is rich in some sort of nutrient? Re-use and recycle!

  6. How exciting to think about the potential of those little seedlings.

  7. Never used/heard about Peat balls, but they must be doing something right, your seedlings have really taken off! (That and the help of fish water! Might try that one too!)

    Will be following your posts! 🙂

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