Sprouts, Roots, and a Germination Table!

It’s been about 5 or 6 days since we planted some vegetable seeds in 2″ and 3″ net pots that were filled with Sure To Grow Loose Fill and Hydroton.

Since it was too cold to put them outside and we didn’t have a convenient place to store and water them, we built a germination table and put it in our garage.  TJ made it out of two-by-sixes, two-by-fours, and 3/4″ plywood, and then he lined it with the same liner we used in our aquaponic grow bed.  Here is a picture of the table partially filled with net pots.

Aquaponic Seed Starting Table

Thanks to the “fish water”, we already have some brand-new sprouts and roots shooting out of the net pots!

Here is a Rattlesnake Pole Bean and Provider Snap Bush Bean pushing their way up through the Hydroton…

Aquaponic Bean sprouts

And here are a couple of Poona Kheera Cucumber plants…

Aquaponic Cucumber sprouts

These are Pirat and Roxy Butterhead Lettuce seedlings…

Aquaponic Lettuce

…and some Boulder and Two Star Lettuce…

Aquaponic Lettuce

Here are two net pots with Green Finger Cucumber and Laxton’s Progress #9 Pea roots that made their way out of the pots…

Aquaponic Cucumber and Pea seedlings

Since the pea plant’s root came out of the bottom of the net pot, I had to prop it up with a small piece of Hydroton so it didn’t get squashed between the net pot and the table top.  I may need to install some type of screen in the germination table so the roots can grow without being damaged.  We also need to hang a grow light above the table so the plants are strong and healthy by the time we transfer them into the aquaponic system.

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2 Responses to Sprouts, Roots, and a Germination Table!

  1. Lora K. says:

    interesting to see how you layered the hydroton and the sure to grow. we layer ours opposite from yours. it’s all good. really, it’s whatever works. i’ll check back when you have updated pics.

  2. someone know where i can find/buy the STG thing in EU ?
    Thanks 🙂

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